Bring Entrepreneurship into the Classroom

Would you ask your students to start real businesses? The VentureChallenge allows students to quickly start new ventures, and authentically experience entrepreneurship while raising money for Charity.

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Schools using the VentureChallenge to teach entrepreneurship

Royal Roads University
University of Mississippi
University of Minnesota Duluth
University of Texas San Antonio
University of Regina
Xavier University
New York State University
University of Maryland
Carleton University
Illinois State University

How does it work?

Student teams start real online businesses that compete for 30 days to raise money for charity. The VentureChallenge guides instructors and students through every step of the process, from ideation to launch and beyond, helping teams collaborate through custom learning resources, providing technical guidance throughout, and tracking team performance on a live leaderboard. This allows instructors to participate, evaluate and educate every step of the way.

Learning Resources

Learning Resource Modules guide students through the process of new venture planning and creation, from ideation to validation, marketing campaigns and beyond. This process culminates in students launching their own online store. Learning Resources are fully customizable, allowing you create your own curriculum within the VentureChallenge app.

Students Engage in Real Business

Students will create an ecommerce store selling a real product, service or subscription to real customers for real money using the Shopify platform.

Oversight & Data Driven Teaching

VentureChallenge's Instructor Dashboard allows you to monitor and participate in your student's learning, keep up to date with each team's Shopify store performance and discussions and provide feedback throughout the exercise.

Competition & Gamification

Engage your students in a class wide competition. Teams earn badges and points for completing tasks, making sales and reaching milestones to compete for the top spot on our live leaderboard.

Technical Guidance & Integration

Most importantly, the platform is easy to use. We provide step by step guidance for instructors and students - from validating an idea to launching a Shopify store - with ongoing support throughout.

Experiential Learning made easy

An example timeline of the Venture Challenge.

Day 1
Day 45

We look for problems first, solutions second.


With well trusted methods, & the latest innovative experiments.


Students are introduced to the business model canvas, and complete relevant industry & competition analysis.


A streamlined process guides students through launching their online store with no technical skills required.


Market, sell, grow. 30 days of live competition serves as the learning exercise that can’t be replaced inside the classroom.

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